• 🧖‍♀️ YOUR SECRET FOR RADIANT, ENVIABLE SKIN: Happy Space face steamer for facial deep cleaning rejuvenates your skin up to 10x more effectively with nano ionic steam, a warm mist that's generated by a conventional heating element with an advanced ultra-sonic vaporizer. This means you can bask in the luxury of a professional spa (minus the expenses) right in the comfort of home.
  • 💨 BENEFITS OF USING A STEAMER FOR FACE SPA: There are several advantages of applying a gentle stream of nano ionic steam. It opens pores, softening the dirt, blackheads and oil inside and making them easier to extract for a cleansed, refreshed feel. Plus, warm mist from the face steamer will also let your skin absorb your favorite skincare products better. Don’t be surprised if others around you are secretly envious of your dewy, radiant looks.
  • 💆‍♀️ HOME SPA LUXURY: Happy Space personal steamers offer sheer skincare bliss with a consistent stream of nano ionic mist in smooth, quiet operation. Forget about subpar facial steamers that sputter and enjoy professional spa indulgence at home.
  • 😊 ADJUSTABLE TO FIT YOUR FACE COMFORTABLY: With a rotatable neck, you can adjust the steam outlet to fit your face perfectly, so that you can be comfortably settled while pampering yourself.
  • 💧 HOW TO USE HAPPY SPACE FACIAL STEAMER: After washing your face, position yourself at least 5 inches away from the steamer, relax and keep your eyes closed throughout the steaming session. It’s as simple as that!


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